Hole Park


'Bluebell Barometer' - Level 4 (updated 8 May)

The bluebells are still fantastic at Hole Park, though on close inspection you will find that in some shaded areas they are over their very best.

Visitors on the woodland walk can also enjoy the large swaths of shimmering silver white wild garlic in Garlic Valley which is now at its best.

Our barometer index scale marked 1-4 gives visitors up to date information on how the bluebells are progressing.

Over the last few seasons the peak date for the bluebells at Hole Park has been as follows:

2009      24 April

2010      3   May

2011      20 April

2012      29 April

2013      3   May

2014      17 April

2015      27 April


If you plan to Visit Kent in spring please note Hole Park Gardens will be open to visitors from 14 March 2015.

Bluebell Key

Level one -   plants are not showing any flower

Level two -   flower buds are now showing

Level three - bluebells in the sun are now in flower

Level four -   bluebells throughout the garden and woodland are now at their peak



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